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Copyright Blogs

  • Michael Geist– Focuses on Canadian copyright law, privacy, and other issues. Geist is a law professor at the University of Ottawa 
  • Lesley Ellen Harris– This blog accompanies Harris’s book entitled Canadian Copyright Law which includes useful information on copyright
  • Ariel Katz– Is an associate professor within the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto where he holds the Innovation Chair in Electronic Commerce
  • Howard Knopf– Excess Copyright is Howard Knopf's personal blog commenting about the excess in copyright, trademark, and patent law.  Knopf practices intellectual property law in Ottawa
  • Sam Trosow– Sam Trosow is an Associate Professor at Western University. He is the co-author of Canadian Copyright: A Citizen's Guide


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Copyright Texts


  • Canadian Copyright in Schools and School Libraries by John Tooth (Call Number: Z649.F35 T66 2015) – This book addresses copyright issues that typically arise in those educational settings. The goal is to provide some direction to help school staff across Canada answer copyright questions in their daily work. This publication offers some focus for the reasonable handling of copyright issues based on legal interpretation and case law.


  • Canadian Copyright Law by Lesley Ellen Harris (Online with Saskatchewan Polytechnic user name and password) – An updated guide to Canadian copyright law for an age of reckless infringement. This edition of Canadian Copyright Law brings you the latest updates according to new Canadian legislation and agreements.



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