About Library Instruction

Librarians help students succeed and save valuable time by channeling their information questions to the correct source. Students learn how to think critically about where information comes from and how to determine what information is worth using and what should be discarded. 

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Examples of Classes Offered

Welcome to the Library

A basic overview of the library, customized for your program. Examples: Tour of the online library, meet your librarian, find an item.

Search Skills

For example, planning your search, using library databases, and/or advanced Google skills.

Evaluating Information

Critical thinking skills about sources students have found. For example, the CAPOW and RADAR methods. 

Academic Integrity

For example, avoid plagiarism, ethical use of sources, references and citations, APA, reference tools.

Getting an Item

Learn how to find the full text for an article, book, etc. May include the Library’s Interlibrary Loans service.

Our menu of library sessions


Other Services

Distance and Online Delivery

  • Librarians deliver both synchronous and asynchronous instruction
  • Librarians will create materials for Brightspace, for example, activities, videos, handouts.
  • Interested in open textbooks, etc.? Request an information search
  • Librarians will develop activities for Brightspace, like evaluating a website or a citation exercise
  • Have a librarian in your class to answer questions or to help with a work period

Faculty Development Classes

Book a librarian for group sessions or one-on-one time to learn about information skills.

Book a Librarian

Students can book time with their instruction librarian to get follow-up and individualized instruction.