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Computer Services

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policy & Procedure Statements

 Desktop computers are available first-come, first-served in each campus library

Additional services:

  • Scanning
  • Printing
    • 10 cents for b/w, 25 cents for colour
  • Campus Wi-Fi uses Eduroam

Please note: Students and Staff of Saskatchewan Polytechnic are required to follow policies for use of Information Resources 

Computer Use Guidelines

Library public workstations are for use by all library users to accomplish their research related tasks. Most workstations require library users to login to their network account. Library staff may be asked for assistance.

At least one computer in each library will have open Internet access and no login will be required.

Most of the computers will have Microsoft Office applications installed on them and all of them will offer Internet access. Priority will be given to registered Saskatchewan Polytechnic students during busy times. Library staff reserves the right to ask for valid identification

Some computer labs are also used for library instruction sessions. Bookings for instruction dates and times will be posted on the lab doors.

General public are allowed to use the open Internet access computers where no login is required. No registration is required to use these computers.

The general public may request to be logged onto an available computer after showing personal identification and completing a Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library Computer Use Policy form.

Computer use priority is given to Saskatchewan Polytechnic students, faculty and staff; therefore the general public may be asked to log off computers if student/staff/faculty require access to computers.

No food is permitted at the computers; only drinks in closed containers (e.g., water bottles, coffee cups with lids).

Service Regulations

  • Library staff and ITS are not required to give technical support except to assist with printing.
  • Children under 13 will not be allowed to use Saskatchewan Polytechnic computers unless accompanied by an adult. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the use their children make of the internet.
  • The library reserves the right to ask any person to cease using a public-access computer if the library staff has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is violating Saskatchewan Polytechnic policy or library regulations.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library prohibits use of its workstations for illegal purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Harassment, libeling or slandering of others
  • Fraud or invasion of privacy
  • Gambling
  • Display or dissemination of hate literature, child pornography, literature for illicit drug use, or obscene material
  • Display or dissemination of any material tending to deprive any person of his or her rights, to expose any person to hatred, or to affront human dignity
  • Infringement of copyright.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic uses Internet Filtering software; therefore, some Internet sites may not be accessible which Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library has no control over.

Malicious Use/Data Modification

Users must not intentionally introduce or use malicious software such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, or worms. Users are also prohibited from taking unauthorized actions to intentionally modify or delete information or programs.

Computer Use

The public is able to print (normal charges apply) and to save to a device (flash drive, etc.). Library staff and ITS are not required to give technical support except to assist with printing.

Photocopying and scanning services are also available.

Digital Resources

Digital resources available through Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library are licensed by Saskatchewan Polytechnic for non-commercial use by Saskatchewan Polytechnic faculty, staff, students, and on-site users, for educational or research purposes only. Additional restrictions may apply to on-site users of certain digital resources.

Personal Devices

We welcome the use of laptops and other personal computing devices in the Libraries. Users may connect personal equipment only to the wireless network, or to ports designated for such use. Users may not unplug any of the Libraries' equipment or cables for any reason. Use of personal equipment, such as extension, adaptor, or power cords must not pose a safety hazard for others.

Saving Files

Borrowers should not save any data to the hard drive (c:\ drive). Borrowers are encouraged to save all digital data at regular intervals to their One Drive application and to back-up data using more than one device, e.g.. email, removable storage, etc. Loss of digital data due to device malfunction, manipulation by other library users or user error is in no way the responsibility of the library.

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Creation Stations

  • A Creation Station consisting of a computer equipped with a scanner, CD burner, and specialized software will be available at each of the libraries to assist library users in completing their projects (Please note, there is no scanner or CS burner at the Creation Station in the Prince Albert Campus Library).
  • A list of the installed software programs will be posted by the computer.
  • Software assistance manuals and instruction sheets will be made available on the Reserve shelf behind the Circulation desk (Please note, the Prince Albert Campus Library does not carry manuals at the front desk).
  • Library staff will provide basic level assistance with the operation of the Creation Station.
  • Use of this computer for simple tasks (checking email, typing a document, searching the Internet) will be discouraged to ensure the higher end applications and scanner are available.

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