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This webpage includes information and examples about the ways that Canadian copyright law does not adequately protect Indigenous cultural heritage. It is imperative to follow the laws, protocols and processes of Indigenous communities (i.e., as determined by Indigenous Elders) in order to respect the circumstances under which Indigenous cultural heritage may and may not be shared. The webpage also includes links to many resources that can help researchers discover information on subjects such as: how to conduct research and gather data respectfully; how to write about Indigenous cultural heritage; how to properly cite; and more.


Are you interested in learning more about Canadian copyright and compliance at post-secondary institutions? There is a series of seven modules created by copyright professionals that focuses on applying copyright to academic settings. It was designed for universities, but the information is applicable to all of us at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Each module contains a short video and a quiz. The modules are meant to complement the information that you have found on our copyright page and will help you to further your own knowledge and awareness of fair dealing, user rights, and using licenced materials.


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