Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library provides service to all Saskatchewan Polytechnic students, faculty, and staff.  Each campus library includes a learning commons, study space, and comfortable seating.  Our friendly and professional staff members can assist you in-person, or by email or telephone.


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Library Use Guidelines


Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library staff will not allow animals to enter or remain in the library; requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Academic Director of Libraries & Testing Services.This regulation does not apply to service animals.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use will be permitted in the library provided it does not inconvenience other library users.

Food & Drink

In order to provide a welcoming environment, while also avoiding damage to library equipment, food and drink will be allowed in all areas of the libraries.


  • At computer stations: No food permitted; only drinks in closed containers (e.g., water bottles, coffee cups with lids).





Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policy & Procedure Statements

It is the practice of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library to protect the privacy of those who use the Library. The general practice of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library shall be to retain only the minimum information necessary to establish a person’s eligibility to borrow materials and to respond to library users’ requests.

Staff members shall protect personal information about Library users, their requests for information and materials, the online sites and resources they access, and their loan transactions, and shall not give out such information to other individuals or to any third-party private or public agency without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction or as otherwise required by law, or as directed by the academic director, library services or the Saskatchewan Polytechnic privacy head.

 Information not to be revealed (unless so ordered as set out above) includes, but is not limited to:

  • A library user's name, phone number, or other personal information.
  • Information about whether a library user has a library card or has used the library at any time.
  • A user's search history using the library's electronic resources, such as the internet, online databases, or search engines and related information, including frequency of use and library card number used to access the library's electronic resources.
  • Information about materials checked out to a library user or used in the library.
  • Information about the content of a library user's information inquiries.

Refer any legal requests for information about a library user immediately to the campus library's program head.

 The following restrictions shall apply to the access and use of library user and item records:

  • Files shall be accessed only by authorized staff members and only when such access is related to their work assignments.
  • Information about a library user shall not be transmitted by telephone to persons who are not authorized Library staff members.
  • If a Library staff member telephones a library user (at the telephone contact number provided by the user) to notify him/her concerning reserves, interlibrary loans, or overdue materials, a message left with a third party shall only state that requested Library materials are available or that materials are overdue. Specific item information shall not be given.
  • Authorized staff shall produce a printed list of items on loan to a library user when such a list is requested in writing or in person by that library user.
  • For purposes of compiling statistics, library user information linked with specific item information shall not be displayed or listed.


Unacceptable Behaviour

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Policy & Procedure Statements

Unacceptable behaviour by library users can range in seriousness from unintentionally disruptive behaviour to verbal or physical assault. Each situation is different and should be dealt with accordingly.

 Disruptive behaviour by an individual or small groups may include such things as smell (body odour, perfume, etc. – see Saskatchewan Polytechnic OH&S “Fragrance Alert” guideline), excessive noise, destruction of property and smoking. The behaviours may elicit general complaints by others or cause discomfort to other library users.

 Clearly no all-encompassing approach can be provided when dealing with unacceptable behaviours, but a typical course of action should be:

  • The staff member approaches the library user, states what is causing the problem, why it is a problem and asks the action to cease;
  • If the behaviour persists, a final warning is issued by the staff member stating that the action must cease or the library user will be asked to leave, if necessary with the help of the Commissionaires.
  • All instances of unacceptable behaviours are to be discussed with the Program Heads.

The above are suggested guidelines only and are not meant to be firm rules. Action must be taken as dictated by the situation.


Unaccompanied Children

Children are welcome in Saskatchewan Polytechnic Libraries; however, the library is concerned about their safety and welfare. Responsibility for the children’s safety and behaviour in the library rests with the parent or caregiver, not with library staff. Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children’s behaviour while using library services.

 Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult or caregiver who will remain in the library with the child(ren). Children under 13 will not be allowed to use Saskatchewan Polytechnic computers unless accompanied by an adult. Groups of children must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

 Unacceptable behaviours may include children who are noisy, running loose, or behaving in a disturbing manner. Managing the disruptive behaviour of children depends on the individual situation that has arisen. When dealing with children, it is important that the unacceptable behaviour be explained as well as why it is unacceptable. From there, warnings may be issued as with adults, i.e. a child can be asked to leave the library

 When dealing with an unsupervised/unattended child, library staff will:

  • Try to determine if the parent is in the building, and, if so, notify the parent/caregiver of the situation.
  • If the parent/caregiver is not in the building, an attempt should be made to contact the parents, inform them that the library is not willing to supervise the child and that the child is to be picked up immediately. The staff member will also advise the parent/caregiver that, in future, the police may be contacted.
  • If the parent/caregiver(s) cannot be contacted, then the police must be notified that a child or children have been abandoned in the library.