Borrowing, Renewals and Overdues

How to Borrow Library Materials

If you have a Saskatchewan Polytechnic photo ID card then use this card as your library card to borrow items from the library.

However, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is not presently providing student ID cards.

So if you don’t have a Sask Polytech ID card then borrow items from the library using your government issued photo ID if you have this ID.

If you have no photo ID or borrowing card then students need to use the self-serve option on mySaskPolytech to print an Enrolment Verification (see Student Home > scroll to the Enrolment Services box> Enrolment Verification). This document, along with a piece of government-issued ID, will confirm your identity as a Sask Polytech student and can be used to borrow items from the library.

If you have questions please contact Enrolment Services.


Borrower Responsibilities

When borrowing from Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library you agree to:

  • Return items on time and in good condition.
  • Pay for lost or damaged or overdue items.
  • Borrow items for your own use. Borrowing privileges are non-transferrable. You may not lend your student card or ID or the materials you borrow to others.
  • Report a lost or stolen card to Registration Services immediately.

Loan Periods


Does the loan period for this type of item automatically renew if there

are no requests from other borrowers for the item?

Loan Period for

Students or Staff

Loan Period for

Distance Students

Books & Audiobooks

books - yes

audiobooks - yes

3 weeks

1 month


1 week

10 days
Video-Reserve Items


students: 1 week

staff: 2 weeks

no loan
Non-video Reserve Items


3 hours

no loan
Magazines or Journals


1 week

1 week



  • For items with loan periods that automatically renew the loan period is the minimum time the item may be borrowed before it is recalled.
  • Faculty may check out program-related material for a semester, subject to recall after 3 weeks.
  • All loan periods are shortened to the user's account expiry date if the account expires during a loan period.
  • Distance students:
    • take Saskatchewan Polytechnic classes
    • are located in Canada
    • but are not located near Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert or Moose Jaw.  Students located near these cities borrow directly from their local Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus library.


Renewing Items, Lost Items, Damaged Items and Fines

  • When another borrower places a request on an item that you have signed out then you will receive a recall notice in your Saskatachewan Polytechnic email address indicating the new date by which the recalled item is due.  Requested items must be returned by their recall due date or overdue fines will apply.
  • Fines build up at the rate of $1.00 per day past the due date to a maximum of $25.00 and if the item is more than 21 days overdue then replacement cost in addition to the $25.00 fine will apply.
  • Login to "My Library Card" to see items that you have borrowed, your fines and fees, your requests and any blocks or messages on your account.
  • Replacement cost will be charged if an item is more than 21 days overdue or if it is lost.
  • Partial costs may be assessed for lost parts of an item or damage to an item.
  • If you are a student and owe fines or you have not returned an item then your marks, transcript, certificate, or diploma will be withheld and registration in any Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses will not be permitted until items owing are returned or paid for.
  • Borrowing is blocked when you owe more than $10.
  • Any problems or discrepancies concerning fines will be discussed with and resolved by the campus library supervisor.
  • This information is subject to change without notice. Please check with library staff if you have any questions about our borrowing regulations

The library sends email messages to your Saskatchewan Polytechnic email address.  Please check your email daily to see messages related to your borrowing activity.  You are responsible for checking your email and for following the instructions in these messages. 


Borrowing Limits



Maximum number of items staff and students may sign out at one time

25 students

99 staff

Maximum number of items that may be requested at one time


Maximum fine a borrower may have before they are blocked from borrowing more items


Maximum items overdue before borrower is blocked from borrowing more items


Maximum fine before a financial hold is placed on the borrower record



Borrower Eligibility


Students who are currently enrolled in a program, or have been accepted into a program, are eligible to borrow library items.


Staff who are currently employed are eligible to borrow.

Staff who have retired are eligible for retiree borrowing privileges.


Students who have completed a certificate or diploma, and apprentice students who have completed any level, may purchase a temporary borrower card for an annual fee of $20. This permits borrowing up to 3 regular circulating items (e.g., 3-week loan books, 3-day loan DVDs). To set up alumni borrowing please bring picture ID, address ID and a copy of your diploma or transcript.


Retirees may purchase a temporary borrower card for an annual fee of $20. This permits borrowing up to 3 regular circulating items (e.g., 3-week loan books, 3-day loan DVDs). To set up retiree borrowing please bring picture ID, address ID and a proof of your retirement.

Community members

Members of the public may purchase a temporary borrower card for an annual fee of $50. This permits borrowing up to 3 regular circulating items (e.g., 3-week loan books, 3-day loan DVDs). To set up community borrowing privileges please bring picture and address ID. You must be at least 18 years old to register for this service.