Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

2023 Open Education Week Recordings Available


Open Education Week 2023 Recordings

From March 6-10th, Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library hosted six speakers to celebrate Open Education Week. The recordings are now available for viewing the sharing. The themes represented throughout the events included:


  • information on the global effect and future consequences of open education
  • practical information and tips on the development of open education resources, 
  • how to promote open education resources in the community, 
  • the necessity of implementing open science practices to address global climate change.  



Event Recording 1:

Hope Behind the Paywall: How Unlocking Climate Science Can Lead us to Mitigations and Solutions

Presenter Dr. Monica Granados provided several examples of the benefits of Open Science and focused particularly on climate science. With the challenges of climate change becoming more notable each year, there is a necessity to create open knowledge to support seeking solutions. This presentation was originally recorded in October 2022 at the Open Education conference and was rebroadcast for the Sask. Polytech OER Week.


Event Recording 2:

Adventures in Open Education: Promotion and Integration of a Foundational Topic in Higher Education

PRESENTERS: Nina Verishagen and Dr. Alex Ketchum PRESENTATION: Alex Ketchum, Faculty Lecturer at McGill University and Nina Verishagen, Librarian at Sask Polytechnic discuss the challenges of developing an OER project and promoting it in the community. Both presenters have recently published an OER and are currently working on establishing a ...


Event Recording 3:

The Lymphatic System of the Dog: Translating and Transitioning to an Open Textbook

PRESENTER: Dr. Monique Mayer & Kristine Dreaver-Charles PRESENTATION: Dr. Monique Mayer and Kristine Dreaver-Charles will share how they collaborated with students at the University of Saskatchewan to translate a German book, The Lymphatic System of the Dog, originally published in 1918 while adding interactive H5P ancillary resources and ...


Event Recording 4:

Where in the World is Open Education? 

PRESENTER Professor Rory McGreal provides an overview of what OER is and why it is important in the educational realm at Sask Polytechnic and globally, particularly in achieving the UNESCO development goals and improving global equity and access. He provides advice on OERs and indigenization.