Regina Campus Library Lab Booking Guidelines

The purpose of these policies and procedures is to set expectations, ensure fairness and optimize limited room resources.  These policies and procedures will continue to be reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic community.

Information for Requestor:

* Send Regina Library a Lab Reservation Request –   Your request will be reviewed by Library Staff, to ensure that no conflict exists.  If there are no conflicts, an email confirmation will be sent to the requestor within 24 hours. 

* We need your lab request one week prior to your requested reservation.  The lab schedules for each week are posted on Mondays.  Time slots will be filled in on a first-come, first-served basis; schedule your lab times early to prevent conflicts. 

* If you need to cancel a lab reservation, notify as soon as possible.  This will open up the lab for another class or general student use.  After two no-shows for a class reservation, the Library will assume that you no longer require the lab and cancel further reservations.  

* Computer lab use is for bona fide educational purposes, for purposes for which you have been authorized, and in support of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Goals and Objectives.  Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library reserves the right to refuse/cancel the room booking if the event or function is deemed inappropriate.  In addition, access may be denied to individuals or groups who have, in the past, misused or abused the computer lab privileges.

* Reserve the lab only for those class periods during which students will have hands-on use of the computers.  The lab is not intended as a lecture/classroom facility.

* You are only allowed to run the software that is already installed on the lab computers.  You are not allowed to install any software on lab computers.

* If your group does not show up within 15 minutes of scheduled time, your booking will be cancelled.

* Instructors need to model and enforce all lab policies with their students.  For example, instructors should not have food or uncovered beverages in the lab and should not allow students to do so.  Also, please have students pick up scrap paper, push chairs in and return their machine to a state ready for the next user.

Regina Library Lab Policy:

  1. No food allowed in computer labs.  Drinks are allowed ONLY if they have lids.
  2. Clean up the lab when your time is done, remove any empty containers, papers, etc.
    • Lab property must remain in the lab, anything removed without authorization constitutes theft and full charges will apply.
    • Faculty, staff or the student sponsor is responsible for any damage and costs that are incurred during the use of the facility.

       3. If you booked the computer lab, you must be present in the lab during your scheduled time.

    • You are encouraged to reserve only the time you require in the computer lab, leaving as much time as possible for general usage.

       4. Regina Library hours of operation:  Mon-Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm

Obligations of Requestor: (A checklist is provided on front desk of labs)

  1. Patrons will be expected to observe all health and safety protocols including mandatory masking.
  2. Instructors and students are asked to use sanitizing wipes to clean keyboards and desks after use.
  3. Inform Library Staff at Circulation Desk of any missing, malfunctioning or damaged equipment in the lab.
  4. All garbage and recyclables should be removed from the tables.
  5. Clear the whiteboard before leaving the lab.
  6. Turn off the projector before leaving the lab.
  7. Please leave the furniture in the order it was found.