Fall 2020 and COVID-19 Information and Updates

Open Education Resources


Interested in providing your students alternatives to high-priced textbooks? Ask us about zero-cost textbooks and/or Open Educational Resources (OERs). 

You can populate your Brightspace courses with OER’s. The library has put together a list of prominent OER sites for your use.

What are OERs?

Open educational resources (OER) include digital and print course content, open textbooks, teaching materials, learning modules, and more.  Often, they are made available through copyright friendly means such as the public domain or a Creative Common license.  

OER’s can be used to support teaching and learning. They are growing in importance as the cost of textbooks and learning materials continues to rise. OERs make it easier for instructors to create, customize, and share learning materials and for students to access, use, and modify course content. Both students and instructors can benefit when cost is no longer a barrier to accessible learning materials.