Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Teaching Reconciliation - Begin Your Journey Today!

With the academic year slowing down, Spring is an ideal time to embark on Professional Development opportunities.   


All Faculty and Staff members have access to an online certificate program 4 Seasons for Reconciliation, a multimedia educational resource that provides a grounding in the history and contemporary realities  of Indigenous People in Canada.   


Created by Productions Cazabon in partnership with First Nations University of Canada, the resource's goal is to teach reconciliation in a non-threatening way. The four modules offer different learning opportunities for staff, faculty and students to begin or continue on their learning journey. 


We recommend that all Sask Polytech staff complete the self-paced PD module. 


To access: 


Here is a preview of the stunning PD module.

4 Seasons of Reconciliation: visual intro from Productions Cazabon on Vimeo.

For those interested in incorporating 4 Seasons in their classroom, please contact Nicole ( or Becky ( for potential 1/2 day training.  You can also read this blog post: