Art Gallery Regina Campus

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library – Regina Campus

Artwork Submission Form 2017-2018


Submission Criteria

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library wishes to celebrate our visual artists. We are offering current students, faculty, and staff a chance to show off their artistic talent to our campus community.

To submit your work for consideration, please follow the guidelines below. Any submission that does not meet the guidelines cannot be accepted.


Artwork by current students, staff, and faculty will be displayed on our gallery wall located in the library. The artwork will be displayed until June 30th 2018.

Artists will be notified by October 6th 2017 if their artwork will be displayed in the gallery. Artists will receive a thank you gift, when they bring their art work!


  • To be eligible, you must be a current Saskatchewan Polytechnic student or employee.
  • Artwork can only be submitted by the artist who created it.
  • We cannot hang work that is explicitly sexual or violent. 
  • Artwork must be ready to hang or display (the Library will not supply hardware).
  • Artwork must be submitted in digital image format, acceptable file types are: .gif or .jpeg. Attachments larger than 5MB will be rejected by the mail server without notice. Name the file as artistname-title, where artistname is your name and title is the title of the piece in the submitted image.
  • There are no limitations on artwork size, but acceptance of the piece will be based on the ability to hang it or the available space.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library is not responsible for damages to artwork.
  • Deadline for submissions is September 30th 2017 (end of workday).

How to Submit

    • Artist’s name:
    • Title:
    • Description (i.e. acrylic on canvas, photo, etc):
    • Size/dimensions:
    • Date of creation:
    • Artist’s city/town/village and province/territory:
    • Artist's bio or artwork description, maximum length 100 words:
    • Artist's phone number and e-mail address:
    • Selling price (if your artwork is for sale):