Open Education Week


Below you will find information on past Open Education Week events held by Saskatchewan Polytechnic Library, including links to recorded events found on Youtube. 


2024 Open Education Week 

OE: Does it really benefit Students?

OE Tricks and Treats: More than Just Textbooks

Indigenous Knowledge and OE

Open Educational Resources and Universal Design for Learning: Complementary Practices Supporting Student Success

Artificial Intelligence and OE: how, when, where and why


2023 Open Education Week 

Hope Behind the Paywall: How Unlocking Climate Science Can Lead us to Mitigations and Solutions 

Adventures in Open Education: Tips to Integrate a Foundational Topic in Higher Education 

Where in the World is OER going? 

The Lymphatic System of the Dog: Translating and Transitioning to an Open Textbook


2022 Open Education Week 

Engaging with Open Education Practices and Lowering Barriers for Diverse Learners

If it ain’t broke, break it!

Indigenous Knowledges and Open Education

Technology Enhanced Learning and Open Pedagogy with Dr. Alec Couros