Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

AI^2: Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


Monday, April 15, 2024

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


With the rise of Generative AI came a rise in concern about student misuse of the platforms. In this session learn about some of the challenges in noticing AI content and what you can do to promote a culture of academic integrity.  Building off a Spring 2023 Learning and Teaching weekly article titled: Handling Academic Integrity Conversations in the Age of AI, presenters Miranda Walston and Michelle Dalidowicz will delve into a concern common among post-secondary faculty.

Session facilitators will:

  • Discuss the implications of generative software’s (such as ChatGPT) and their relationship to plagiarism,
  • Identify considerations for addressing these challenges,
  • Review methods foster a culture of honesty, integrity and academic growth.

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  • Suggested Competency: Technology
  • Suggested Level: Emerging/Evolving