Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Keynote Speaker Dr. Shelley Boulianne Recording Available



Shelley Boulianne spoke to Saskatchewan Polytechnic staff and students in October 2023 and reported on her work on the topic of misinformation and the generational differences that exist.

Dr. Boulianne discussed:

  • Young Canadians are more likely to be exposed to misinformation on social media than older people
  • Young Canadians are more likely to engage in information-literate behaviors including reporting misinformation and fact-checking information they are unsure of
  • Young Canadians can help older Canadians by offering a correction if they see information that may be misleading or false
  • We can all be a part of the solution to misinformation. The process for reporting misinformation on various social media platforms was outlined.

Dr. Boulianne suggested the following tools for fact-checking:

Additional resources:

Boulianne, S., Belland, S., Tenove, C., & Friesen, K. (2021). Misinformation across social media platforms and across countries.