Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

November 16th is Louis Riel Day


Why do we celebrate Louis Riel Day?


“Louis Riel Day is held every year on November 16 across the Métis homelands. November 16 is the anniversary of Riel's execution in 1885. During that year, Riel led Métis people in the Northwest Resistance, which was a stand against the Government of Canada because it was encroaching on Metis rights and our way-of-life… Although Louis Riel Day commemorates one of the great tragedies of Canadian history, it is also a day to celebrate Métis culture and the continuing progress that Métis people are making in fulfilling Riel’s dream of Métis taking their rightful place within Confederation” (Metis Nation of Ontario, n.d.).


The library has various resources to help you learn more about Louis Riel and the importance of this day.

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