Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Beyond Words Dictionaries and Indigenous Languages


From April 4th-14th, the Saskatoon library and ê-sihtoskâtoyahk ᐁᓯᐦᑐᐢᑲᑐᔭᐦᐠ student center will be home to The Canadian Language Museum Travelling Exhibit. Beyond Words: Dictionaries and Indigenous Languages consists of six panels. Three panels will be displayed at each department. Alongside the panels will be book displays featuring Indigenous language and history resources. Visit the library or the ê-sihtoskâtoyahk ᐁᓯᐦᑐᐢᑲᑐᔭᐦᐠ student center to learn, understand and progress on a path towards Truth.


On Wednesday, April 6th the library and ê-sihtoskâtoyahk ᐁᓯᐦᑐᐢᑲᑐᔭᐦᐠ Student Center will host an event to showcase the display.


Event Details:

  • Location: ê-sihtoskâtoyahk ᐁᓯᐦᑐᐢᑲᑐᔭᐦᐠ Student Center
  • Time: 11:30am-1:30pm
  • Details: Soup and Bannock and other activities featuring indigenous languages.  


Everyone is welcome!