Booking DVDs & Videos for Classroom Use

Our bookings service lets instructors reserve DVDs and videos in advance to show in class on a certain date or range of dates.

Regional College Instructors

Regional college and Gabriel Dumont Institute instructors must first contact the Sask Polytech Library to set up a borrower account to borrow DVDs and videos.

If you are a regional college or Gabriel Dumont Institute instructor please contact us at the email address for the nearest Sask Polytech campus library:

How To Request a Booking

1. Search the library's website for the DVDs and/or videos you need:

  • enter search terms into the search box
  • on the left-hand side of the results list, under Material Type, select Audio Visual

2. When you find the items you need, please provide:

  • Item information:
    • title
    • call number
    • the date you need each item
    • the length of time you need each item (standard loan period is 1 week, but we can be flexible)
  • Contact Information:
    • your name
    • your nine-digit Sask Polytech ID number.
    • Regional college or Gabriel Dumont Institute instructors please provide the 14-digit borrower account number you received when we created your borrower account.

3. Email this information to your campus library at the email address below.

Regional college or Gabriel Dumont Institute instructors please use this chart to contact your nearest Sask Polytech library.

Service Notes

  • We make our best effort to provide items when you need them, but items are sometimes lost, damaged, overdue, or delayed in shipping.
  • We strongly recommend you have a backup resource.
  • If there are already bookings on the resource(s) you need they may not be available for your requested dates.
  • If possible, please include alternate dates when you request a DVD or video.
  • More information on Borrowing, Renewals, & Overdues.