Staff Directory


Director's Office

Rian Misfeldt, Director, Library & Testing Services 306-775-7710
Lindsay Demchuk, Administrative Assistant 306-775-7709

Saskatoon Campus Library

Fabian Harrison, Collections Librarian 306-659-4240
Chau Ha, (on leave) 306-659-4312
Becky Szeman, Digital Ecosystems Librarian 306-659-4241
Nina Verishagen, (on leave) 306-659-4425
Gina Brander, Librarian 306-659-4312
Tasha Maddison, Librarian 306-659-4125
Katelyn Haskell, Library Technician 306-659-4037
Colleen McLean, Library Technician 306-659-4347
Hannah Elliott, Library Technician 306-659-4412
Beverly Theriault, Library Supervisor 306-659-4167
Claire Gray, Clerk 306-659-4224
Sabitha Shankar, Receiving Clerk 306-659-4175
Anet James, Clerk 306-659-4040

Saskatoon Avenue W Centre Library

Colette Schreiner, Library Technician 306-659-4929

Moose Jaw Campus Library

Juliet Nielsen, Library Manager 306-775-7412
Jennifer Shrubsole, Instruction Librarian 306-691-8229
Ann Liang, Marketing & Outreach Librarian 306-691-8227
Shawna North, System Administrator 306-691-8232
Joyce Playford, Library Technician 306-691-8231
Brenda Fallis, Library Supervisor 306-691-8230
Teri Ring, Receiving Clerk 306-691-8234
Florence Pequin, Circulation Clerk 306-691-8233
Michelle Bell, Circulation Clerk 306-691-8233

Regina Campus Library

Juliet Nielsen, Library Manager 306-775-7412
Robin Canham, Digital Resources Librarian 306-775-7409
Erin Langman, Reference & Information Services Librarian 306-775-7411
Diane Zerr, Borrower Services Librarian 306-775-7413
Panayiota Tompoulidou, Library Technician 306-775-7405
Diana Behrns, Library Supervisor 306-775-7406
Laureen Marchuk, Library Technician 306-775-7407
Elaine Klein, Receiving Clerk 306-775-7402
Holly Adamson, Circulation Clerk 306-775-7408
Rana Umair, Digital Resources Library Assistant 306-775-7410

Prince Albert Campus Library

Regan Balfour, Library Manager 306-765-1533
Glenda Goertzen, Library Supervisor 306-765-1545
Martine Morency, Digital Resources Library Assistant 306-765-1547
Jacquie Goertzen, Library Technician 306-765-1546
Shelby Gryba, Circulation Clerk 306-765-1534
Cathy Casselman, Receiving Clerk 306-765-1531



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Libraries are an integral part of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic educational process, providing prompt and courteous services to fulfill the information needs of students, staff, and instructors. Learning and teaching are supported by developing, maintaining, and ensuring access to relevant collections in all formats and adopting appropriate technologies and instruction methods.