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LEAD 201 - Leadership in Nursing

MED 1601 - Foundations of Medical Device Reprocessing

MED 1602 - Medical Device Reprocessing - Decontamination: Cleaning and Disinfection 

MED 1603 - Medical Device Reprocessing - Inspection, Assembly and Packaging

MED 1604 - Medical Device Reprocessing - Sterilization, Storage and Distribution 

MED 1605 - CMDRT National Examination Preparation Course 

MGMT 1616 - Nursing Leadership and Management

NRSG 252 - Patient Safety

NRSG 253 - Community Nursing

NRSG 254 - IV Therapy/Blood and Blood Products

NRSG 255 - Nasogastric Tube Insertion

NRSG 256 - Tracheostomy Care

NURS 227 - Health Assessment for LPNs

NURS 1633 - Mood Disorders

NURS 1634 - Psychosocial Assessment

NURS 1635 - Psychotropic Agents

NURS 1637 - Schizophrenia

NURS 1640 - Catheterization Completer Course

NURS 1656 - Foot Care

NURS 1658 - Principles of Nursing Practice for Outpatient Procedures

NURS 1661 - Health Assessment Review Lab

NURS 1667 - Diabetes Mellitus: Classifications and Diagnosis

NURS 1668 - Insulin Therapy in Diabetes Management

NURS 1669 - Oral Anti-Hyperglycemic Agents in Diabetes Management

NURS 1673 - Leadership and Management in OR/MDR

NURS 1674 - Therapeutic Communication Skills

NURS 1672 - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

NURS 1676 - Care of the Bariatric Client

NURS 1680 - Care of the Patient with Kidney Disease

PHAR 1602 - IM Injections

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