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Library Services Development Plan 2015 - 2020


By 2020, our expertise in responsive applied education and research that meet student and market needs will make us globally recognized as the first-choice polytechnic in Canada.


To educate students and provide skilled and successful graduates.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability

Our values demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our students, our employees, our partners and our community. They inform every decision we make and how we implement our plan.

Library Services Vision

To support Saskatchewan Polytechnic's organizational vision to be globally recognized as the first-choice polytechnic in Canada by:

Contributing Recognized Value to clients and the organization. Clients will know us and what we do.

Building an Intuitive Digital Presence. We will harness digital resources for client and organizational success. The digital library will be mobile and intuitive and, most of all, invaluable to Library clients.

Employing Engaged Passionate Experts. The people who work in the Library are knowledgeable, competent, and trusted. They have a commitment to service excellence and to creating an inviting environment for Library clients.

Creating a Dynamic Community Environment. The Library is a space where students, faculty and community come together for the benefit of all. The Library is welcoming and inclusive and demonstrates that research, in-depth resources and literacy have many benefits.

Championing Lifelong Learning Through Information Literacy. We recognize that information literacy is central to lifelong learning and integral to student and organizational success. Information literacy will be embedded into everything we do.

Library Services Mission

To support Saskatchewan Polytechnic's organizational mission of educating students and providing skilled and successful graduates by providing exceptional library services and learning resources.

Library Services Values

To support Saskatchewan Polytechnic's organizational values of respect, integrity, excellence and sustainability by reflecting these values in all interactions with Library clients and all communities beyond.


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Library Services Strategic Directions

1. Foster Engagement amongst the Library team, between the Library and Saskatchewan Polytechnic's schools, and within the polytechnic community.

  • Initiate a branding program that includes Library programming, community events and availability of naming rights.
  • Tell current and potential Library users about the value and benefits of the Library through a structured communications plan.
  • Liaise with Information Technology, Communications and Marketing, and Learning Technologies in an ongoing structured manner.
  • Establish student and faculty Library Advisory Councils.
  • Share the Library's accomplishments with the institution and community.

2. Develop a Digital Strategy that will accommodate a next generation library system and enhance the Library's digital presence.

  • Advocate for information technology support within Library facilities.
  • Implement a process that involves staff in identifying technical problems and potential solutions.
  • Provide professional development for staff to enhance their digital expertise.

3. Implement a First-Choice Learning Commons

  • Develop space plans for all four campuses.
  • Evaluate features typical of a learning commons and implement the most relevant.

4. Ensure Sustainable Resource Allocation

  • Allocate resources to strategic initiatives on a priority basis.
  • Continue budget realignments.

5. Leverage Library Resources and Expertise for advancement in institutional goals.

  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders, creating a learning object repository.
  • Put good evidence in the hands of decision makers and researchers.

6. Establish an Employee Development Program

  • Recognize employees for their contributions and achievements through an awards program.
  • Recognize staff roles so each person is working to their strengths.
  • Encourage employees to create personal development portfolios.

7. Design and Implement an Information Literacy Plan

  • Embed information literacy into all Saskatchewan Polytechnic learning environments.


For more detailed information, see the Library Services Development Plan 2015-2020 [PDF] and poster [PDF].